Yacht Charter

Yachts have traditionally been considered opulent. That is why celebrities and the wealthy from all over the world want one because they can buy one. Many others wished to sail on a yacht and live out their dreams. Purchasing a yacht, however, is not for everyone. They’re million-dollar yachts, with every detail oozing with luxury. However, anyone may rent a yacht, especially in Dubai, the ultimate yachting destination.

From 1250 AED 850 AED
From 750 AED 550 AED
From 650 AED 450 AED

Dubai’s beautiful waterways have become a sanctuary for luxury yacht rentals. For parties, events, fishing trips, or even a peaceful sail along Marina Canal and Palm Island, rent an excellent boat.From the deck of a yacht rental, you can visit Dubai’s key seaside landmarks in elegance. The yacht circles Palm Island as it goes through the Marina canal. Some excursions take you within Palm Island’s lagoons. You can swim and snorkel right in the water. The Burj Al Arab and Atlantis – The Palm were designed to be seen from the water. They both have a view of the sea and stretch out into it. Not only that, but those who cruise by yacht across the canal will enjoy the entire Marina.


Weddings, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, and get-togethers are all common events that take place on yachts. The biggest benefit of throwing a party aboard a yacht is the chance to customise it. You can customise the interior décor and ambiance to meet the tone of the gathering, as well as order the food you want. Some feature large floor surfaces as well as swimming pools and jacuzzis onboard. If you wish to go to the movies, look for large saloons, dedicated entertainment rooms, and cinemas.


When planning to hire a boat, be sure it can accommodate all of your guests. Yachts may accommodate anywhere from 10 to 800 people at a time, depending on their size. These considerations also influence the size of the crew and the number of captains. Smaller boats have one captain and one or two crew members, but larger boats have two captains and a larger crew. To provide your guests the most enjoyment, choose sailing hours that are appropriate for their type of guests.


Yachts, on the other hand, aren’t simply for parties. On yachts, people go fishing, sunset cruises, and tourist tours. The path for these cruises is determined by the number of hours you charter. More time allows you to take in the scenery and travel the length of the Marina canal as well as the path around Palm Island. Choose hours that allow you to swim in the pool and appreciate the delectable food.


Fishing cruises are ideal for individuals who want to add some excitement to your vacation by going deep sea fishing. If you have children with you, go on a fishing cruise because they will enjoy it the most. Yachts come with all of the essential fishing equipment as well as crew members that can assist you in catching a decent catch. You can cook the fish you caught and eat it on the boat. It will be more delicious to eat your catch than any other dinner money can purchase.