Dhow Cruise

A Dhow is a classic Arabic wooden boat found in the United Arab Emirates. Dhows have been the lifeblood of the region for ages. They were employed for pearl diving as well as transporting cargo to and from ports. The economy of Dubai has shifted away from pearls, and massive container ships have supplanted Dhows as a mode of transport. Dhows are now primarily employed as floating restaurants in Marina and Creek.

Some of today’s Dhows are reused ancient ones, while others are built specifically for tourist cruises. In Dubai, a Dhow cruise dinner is a popular leisure activity for both tourists and locals. It’s a more upmarket dining experience than anything else in town.

The two extremes of a spectrum are Marina and Creek. Marina is a well-planned city with obvious displays of wealth all everywhere. Marina Canal is a three-kilometer-long man-made canal that runs parallel to the Arabian Gulf. A Marina dinner cruise allows you to see Dubai at its most opulent – the view is breathtaking.


A Dhow Cruise down the creek transports you to Dubai’s past. The people on board are treated to a refreshing vista of heritage sites and mid-century splendor on either side of the creek – a combination of modern and old. Bastakiya, the Gold Souq, the Dubai Museum, and the Abra boats, which still ferry travelers across the Creek, are all worth seeing.


The price of a Dhow trip varies depending on whether you go to Creek or Marina. When compared to Marina, you will find that they are less expensive at Creek. It’s because Marina is Dubai’s newest neighbourhood. The distinction is evident in the cruise experience as well. A dhow boat meal is an excellent opportunity to spoil your friends and family. It’s also popular for office get-togethers, get-togethers, and other occasions. Seats can be booked individually or in groups, or they can be rented all together for private events such as weddings and celebrations.


The boat’s lower deck is air-conditioned, while the upper deck is open-air. The upper deck is excellent for enjoying the sea breeze and the scenery, while the air-conditioned deck may be preferable if you are concerned about the summer heat. With live entertainment, a five-star buffet, and an unrivalled ambiance, a Dhow cruise evening takes dining to a whole new level. A two-hour journey satisfies both the stomach and the heart. It’s for folks who are tired of ordinary dining establishments and want something more than just cuisine. Tourists who are new to Dubai and want to learn more about the city will find it to be a practical and cost-effective way to see the metropolis up close while also enjoying dinner and traditional folk performances — three birds with one stone.


Depending on the Dhow operator, the entertainment range from Tanoura dance to live music and magic acts. Tanoura is a male-only dancing form that originated in Egypt. As the dancer begins to swirl, she wears a bright flowing garment that makes intriguing shapes. Even after continuous rotation, Tanoura dancers do not experience dizziness or vertigo.

Dhows, unlike yachts, do not have onboard cooking. Dhow cruises are more akin to restaurants that serve pre-cooked cuisine. It does, however, stand out because of its spectacular views and unique atmosphere. Give your friends and family an evening they will remember for the rest of their lives.